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Brewgreen and the Babylons is formed by the Singer-Songwriter Brewgreen, Hugh Yamada, with the Babylons, Atsumi and Masashi. They are all from Japan. They met in a subway station in NY and formed in March 2012. They have variety of sounds in their music such as folk, pop, rock, Jazz and Blues. They have been performing in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.

The name "Brewgreen" is coming from Hugh's family line. Brew(German), Green(Irish), and Brewgreen(Tea - Japan/Asia).
The "Babylons" is from the name of Babylonians. They were the one who tried to build the Tower of Babel and at the time, there was no language barrier. We would like to share our music with all kinds of people in the world no matter what languages we use!

Members of the Brewgreen and the Babylons

Hugh Yamada   Singer Songwriter
Hugh Yamada is a singer songwriter, originally from Japan who sings in Japanese and English. His music sounds very simple but has nice melodies and harmonies when incorporated with a band. Hugh has been influenced by Japanese folk singers such as Takuro Yoshida and Yutaka Ozaki, as well as UK, American 60's-70's folk/rock musicians like The Beatles, Simon and Gerfankel. The Singer Songwriter regularly performed in New York City and Brooklyn with his band Brewgreen and the Babylons. Recently he got added to the artist list of BARKS which is one of the biggest music website in Japan.

Atsumi Ishibashi   Vocal/Ukurere

Masashi Ishiura   Vocal/Guitar/Percussion

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